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When Virender Sehwag Bribed This Ex-Pakistani Umpire To Rule In His Favour

Virender Sehwag, often affectionately referred to as Viru is a former Indian cricketer and former captain of the Indian National Cricket team. Unarguably one of the most destructive batsmen of all time, Viru is very well known for the way he played this astounding sport.

An opener so talented was not just marvelous in the limited overs format but also did amazingly well in the longest format of games. Being the only Indian cricketer to score a triple hundred in the red-ball cricket, he was a game changer, quite literally.

During a show named What The Duck Viru disclosed many incidents of his cricket life where he mentioned how back in 2008 he lured an ex-Pakistani Umpire named Asad Rauf to turn the game into his own favour leaving Ricky Ponting baffled with amazement and frustration.

Not just in the field but also in real life Viru was very influential. He as per his words ‘jokingly’ bribed Asad Rauf the well known umpire of that time by giving him many branded gifts thereby convincing him to not raise his finger against Viru in the future matches. And to everyone along with Viru’s surprise Asad Rauf did exactly the same.

Virender Sehwag

In the infamous test match in Mohali back in 2008 against Australia Asad obliged what Viru apparently said to him funnily and did not give him an out thereby ruling in his favour

Viru said in the interview that in that test match “Mitchell Johnson bowled a short-pitch delivery and I attempted a cut shot but ended up edging it”.

Regardless, our Umpire did not give me an out. Pointing, being all frustrated came to the Umpire saying “anybody could hear it was an out why didn’t you raise your finger?” Back then there was no scope of DRS meaning Decision Review System as the Indian team was not in its favour. And thus the sole power was in the hands of the on field Umpire meaning Asad Rauf.

Ponting goes to Sehwag asking did you hear it? To which Sehwag agrees saying that the edge was clearly audible but then immediately later he disagrees when the umpire, on Ponting’s plea, confirms the same with him. All dumbfounded Ponting calls out to Viru saying that you just agreed that you nicked it to which he responds with grace saying “whole your life you never walked. Why are you asking me to do it. You do you, let me do me, and the Umpire his own job”.

Virender Sehwag Asad Rauf

Sehwag in an interview adds that he did not really expect for Asad Rauf to actually really do it when he gifted him with branded glasses, t-shirts, shoes among other things. But regardless he did so, which being such a reputed Umpire he most certainly should not have. So goes for Viru himself.

Rauf in the later years was banned by the organisations who manage World Cricket with the charges of being involved in spot fixing and many other things.

It is true that what Rauf did was very unethical but it is also true that Sehwag got away with the whole bribing thing.

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