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Net-Worth Of Shardul Thakur The Rising Sensation Of Indian Cricket

Shardul Thakur apparently is the new talk of the town. His performance made him stand out really well, he is standing out as the topic lately. All credit goes to this amazing performance in the recent test match series. While his help was mostly dependent to help the side take a lead of 2-1 in the ongoing 5-match Test series game.

He mainly plays for Mumbai and represents Chennai Super Kings for the IPL series since 2018. Back in November 2012, he made his first-ever debut for Mumbai. The match was mainly pitched against Rajasthan and the ground was in Jaipur. Though like most of the cricketers, he did not have a great start to his career. He lacked and kinda had a backlog. But the tables completely turned in the 2013-14 Ranji Trophy game. In that particular match, it is calculated that he took around 27 wickets.

In the next Ranji Trophy match, Shardul took 48 wickets from 10 games, which actually showed this improvement in performance. People took him into consideration since he was being very promising and made a lot of efforts to show off his actual skills.

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During the 2015-16 Ranji Trophy match he ended up making the match win for Mumbai, which was when he got noticed and his career went through a phase of flying colors.

Though he didn’t get the chance because of his lack of height is a fast bowler, his height is 5’9” and that was considered really less for him being in that position and he was also kinda overweight for some time, which made him go through some favoritism by the people who were asking the decisions regarding this career.

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Now that we’re all aware of his amazing fitness transformation, he is getting the spotlight which he’s very much deserving of.

During the test match games, Shardul picked up some really good wickets and batted very well, which helped India to reach a good position. That was a good and smart move by him to get noticed by the selectors. Now that his career is in a good place and his finance is most likely to be a very good flourishing position, let’s talk about his finance. Since we already are well aware of his amazing skills.

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Shardul Thakur Net Worth

It is allegedly said that his net worth is in a very good position. Since he is an active BCCI player, he bags up 1 crore INR every year paid as a salary. Also, his being a part of CSK brings in a lot of good fortune as well. From IPL Shardul receives 2.6 crores INR. According to reports Shardul’s net worth is estimated to be up to 36 crores INR.

Though the amount from brands is not counted on a total basis, we can’t leave that as well since that adds up to his account as well. Overall he reached a good spot in his career and his finance at the moment. It wasn’t all a waste and haste since he didn’t really prove himself and it took him some good amount of time, patience, and practice, and now he’s getting and savoring what he exactly deserves.

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