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Virat Kohli Shuts Down A Journalist Asking Him To Drop Rohit Sharma

On the 24th October 2021, India vs Pakistan match happened. The one which had the hopes up of billions. Where people legit rooted for India to win. There were tweets regarding the match and Twitter was flooding.

Consider the past, India has always been the winner, but unfortunately, India lost the match yesterday to Pakistan. And billions of hearts were broken. Whereas, Virat Kohli became the first Indian captain who lost a match to Pakistan during a T-20 match.

After the match, the team captain Virat Kohli was asked a few questions regarding the match. Several questions were asked but one of those literally took Kholi by shock.

The question was whether choosing Rohit Sharma was a mistake or not. Had he chosen Ishan Kishan would the match be better?

Virat allegedly said the question was a very bold one. And obviously, he sensed they needed some controversy behind the scenes of the terrible failure of team India.

Considering Rohit Sharma’s performance yesterday it wasn’t what the team expected. During the powerplay, India only managed to score 31/1 and kept on losing wickets, though Virat kept on trying to set the pace straight for the team and tried his best. Seems like luck wasn’t on their side yesterday.

Question: Regarding the selection of the team, many people were talking. Ishan Kishan played pretty well in the warm-up match. Do you think that it’s a mistake if Ishan Kishan, could play and he could do better than Rohit Sharma?

Virat Kohli: That’s a very brave question. What do you think, sir? I played the team that I thought was the best. What is your opinion?

Question: Will you drop Rohit Sharma from T20 international? Will you drop Rohit Sharma?

Virat Kohli: Do you know what he did in the last game we played? Unbelievable (laughs). Sir, if you want controversy, please tell me before so I can answer accordingly.

Watch the press conference video below

Even there were questions regarding the confidence of the team. Since during all the past matches, India has been the one to win, but maybe because of confidence the team took it very lightly and lost the match.

Though Virat being the captain scored a century against Pakistan’s strong fielding yesterday.
When he was asked about the overconfidence of the team he replied,

“You know it’s amazing what reality is and what ideas people will have on the outside,” Kohli said responding to another journalist on Sunday.

“There is no shame in accepting that the opposition played better. They did not let us in at any stage and didn’t allow us to put pressure at any stage,” he added.

Both the teams gave their best, of course, it was fated and the Pakistan team certainly okayed very well. There were times when the blue team did get a bit too confident and arrogant with the Mauka Mauka ads and the unnecessary trolling.

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