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Jos Buttler Gives Epic Reply To Journalist When Asked About Rishabh Pant’s Performance

Joseph Charles Buttler, also known as Jos Buttler, a right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper who is now a captain of the English cricket team, is one of the English circuit’s most powerful young guns and is renowned for his frenetic middle-order style.

He reached new heights thanks to his clever improvisations and aggressive attitude, and his batting style is centred on good timing, aggressive hitting, and the ability to find gaps. Because of this, he occasionally looks like a serious cricketer on the field.

But on Sunday, when he displayed his sense of humour in response to a Rishabh Pant question following his team’s five-wicket loss in Manchester that saw them lose the three-match ODI series against India, everyone was enthralled with his news side.

Butler gave an epic reply to a reporter and praised Rishabh Pant

As India chased down the goal of 260 with five wickets in hand and 7.5 overs to spare, Pant played a wonderful inning, hitting his first ODI century on the way to an unbroken knock of 125 runs.

After the game, Buttler was questioned about Pant and how challenging it is for a captain to choose the field and game strategy for a player of Pant’s calibre. Instead of making excuses like other players, he gave an epic response to the reporter, with the mention of Jasprit Bumrah.

When the reporter asked Butler,

“Is Rishabh Pant the most audacious stroke-player of this generation and is it almost impossible to plan against him as a captain?”

Butler, while mentioning the Bumrah, he praised Rishabh Pant by saying,

“Judging by the Bumrah question, you can make your own assumption again. But Rishabh is a fantastic player and again, if you give him a second chance, he will hurt you.”

After this, when the reporter asked him about what sets Rishabh Pant apart from other players, Butler gently answered,

“I think there are numerous stroke-players around the world. Rishabh is a fearless player, is great to watch, brilliant across formats. He is an exciting player and it is his mentality that sets him apart. I think he gets great backing to go and play however he wants to play.”

jos butler

Why did Josh Butler mention Jasprit Bumrah when the question is about Rishabh Pant?

Now I know that one question has continuously ringed up in your mind why did Buttler bring up Bumrah in his response. The same reporter had annoyed the England captain by repeatedly asking him if he agreed with former England captain Naseer Hussain’s on-air assertion that Bumrah is the best all-format bowler in the world right now after India’s 10-wicket victory in the opening ODI.

As Buttler praised the Indian pacer,

“There’s no doubt that he’s a fantastic bowler. He’s been one of the leading bowlers in the world for a number of years now. And it looks like he’s going from strength to strength.”

But in an effort to get a clear response, the reporter asked the same query again. Becoming irritated by the repetition, Buttler said,

“You decide”

hardik pandya rishabh pant

Talking about Pant’s performance, he and Hardik Pandya created a key 133-run partnership that enabled India to recover from an early setback in which their top four batsmen were bowled for just 72 runs.

In order to get closer to their destination, Pant and Pandya anchored the boat for India. In the 36th over, Pandya was ultimately out for 71 runs on 55 balls. Pant managed to maintain his composure, and he and Ravindra Jadeja ended the pursuit of India. With 16 boundaries and 2 sixes in 125 runs off 113 balls, Pant completed undefeated innings.

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