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Marnus Labuschagne Slammed By Fans For His Controversial Reply On Sachin Tendulkar’s Tweet

Marcus Labuschagne is one of the leading and prominent batsmen of Australian cricket and especially in the Test series cricket. What is interesting to note is that nowadays Labuschagne is a lot in talks however it is not at all for his gameplay but for something else. This Australian batsman grabbed attention due to his controversial reply to master blaster Sachin Tendulkar‘s recent tweet.

Tendulkar recently made a tweet wishing luck to the Indian Cricket Team at the Commonwealth Games 2022

The last time cricket was a part of the Commonwealth Games was in the year 1998. This sport made its return after 24 years to the Commonwealth Games thus he tweeted this, so, to wish good luck to the Indian Women’s Cricket team for their match against the Australian Women’s team.

Tendulkar tweeted,

“Wonderful to see cricket back in the Commonwealth Games. Hope this takes our beautiful game to newer audiences. Best wishes to @BCCIWomen’s team for their #CWG22 campaign,”

Reacting to Tendulkar’s tweet Labuschangne made his comment over the opener match of CWG.

To Tendulkar’s warm tweet the currently No. 2 test batsman in the world Labuschagne replied,

“Agreed Sachin. Aus v India is going to be an amazing opener too.”

and this reply has landed him in the territory of controversies.

Marnus Labuschagne’s tweet has been facing the wrath of fans on Twitter. He came under a huge pit of fire for addressing Sachin with no respect and simply by his name. Netizens were quick to respond to this occurrence. Considering the age and generation gap between them many Indian fans and devotees of Tendulkar pounced on the Aussie batsman for not calling Tendulkar “Sachin Sir”.

28-year-old Labuschagne received a lot of criticizing tweets over his reply.

Marnus Labuschagne

Here are a few reactions of the Master Blaster’s fans:

In 2020 Tendulkar highly praised Labuschagne for his brilliant skills.

In February 2020 master blaster was asked which modern-day batsman reminds you of yourself to which he replied the Aussie batsman Labuschagne is the one. He gave the biggest of all compliments to Labuschagne by praising his footwork, he said,

“His footwork is so precise. So he would be the one I would say,”

Labuschagne in return responded,

“Amazing words from someone of that caliber. I was very grateful for his words and just stoked really”

While many netizens are denouncing Labuschagne for how he did not address Tendulkar with respect some are also signifying by tweeting that calling someone by their name is no sign of disrespect in the Western culture. It is normal and we all must accept it.

What is your take on this?

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