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Rohit Sharma Gave A Brilliant Reply On Being Compared With Virender Sehwag

Rohit Sharma is an excellent player. He is known for his signature moves and his decision-making skills. At times he assists the captain of the team in a very rational manner and it does help in saving the team from a grave backlog of failure.

Not only that, being the vice-captain, he is also a very witty person. Coming from the fact that he takes rational decisions when he answers to the media, he doesn’t blabber out stuff that might hamper his reputation after concentrating on the fact that how dramatic media can be 90% of the time.

Rohit also showed his excellence through his gaming styles and the match ends too. During a test series, he had a score total of 529 runs and in just 4 innings which is very immaculate and excellent performance. And expectedly he was awarded the man of the match for that test series as well. Which is very deserving anyway.

rohit sharma Virender Sehwag

He is a very good player when it comes to batting. The best fact is he is neither a very aggressive player nor is he a very safe player. He has a perfect game balance when it comes to the topic of on-field techniques. He is always very confident in what he does and not even once did he seem very nervous when he was hitting big shots.

When he was asked about the fact that he has been compared to the former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag he gave a very fitting reply.

Only if he hadn’t taken any rational decision, that might have created a huge mess and been the talk of the cricket town, but since he thought and probably was prepared for this question, he dodged a huge dream bullet by the media.

virender sehwag

Here comes the comparison drama. As mentioned above Rohit Sharma is a very good player when it comes to batting. Just like that, Virender Sehwag was known for his batting skills when he used to play as well. People and the audience just couldn’t stop comparing those two due to their shared talents which might be a coincidence anyway.

To that Rohit gave a very fitting general reply to media,

“It is people’s perception that we bat in a similar fashion and all that. But Sehwag is Sehwag. What he has done is remarkable.”

To that, he also added,

“For me what will be important is what the team is expecting me to do, if I am able to do that I’ll be more than happy. Of course, Sehwag played in a way he loved to, and the team wanted him to play. It is the same situation for me here as well. I want to play in that fashion where the team wants me to play. And if I am able to do that, I solve a lot of problems.”

rohit sharma 264

He cleared the air from his part and that seems fair. Now what the public might think is not any of his drama to deal with.

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