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10 Most Emotional Moments In The History Of Indian Cricket

In many respects, sports resemble reality TV shows in which emotions are strong, and the desire to triumph burns brightly in the thoughts of the players and Cricket is no exception from that.

Cricket fever is a prevalent occurrence all around the world. When it comes to fan passion, there isn’t a single person who will disagree that Indian fans are the wildest and most passionate.

Professional sports like cricket have a high degree of competition, and when both teams give it their all and still come in second, it’s difficult to manage, not just for the players but also for the fans.

If the squad is playing well, they will pour all of their affection on them but if they are performing poorly, they will not hesitate to spit venom.

However, beyond the typical times of disappointment and loss, some heartrending instances have occurred throughout Indian cricket’s history that will go down in history as memorable. These were those moments when fans literally wept and they weren’t alone, the entire globe wept with them.

Here is the list of the top 10 emotional moments in Indian cricket history that will leave fans’ eyes moist:

1. India vs. Sri Lanka, World Cup Semi-Final, 1996

In the Semi-Final of the match, Sri Lanka had set a goal of 251 for the Indians, and India was dominating at 98 for 1. Following that, they lost 7 wickets for only 22 runs. As soon as the eighth wicket fell, Indian supporters erupted angrily.

India vs. Sri Lanka, World Cup Semi-Final, 1996

2. The emotional century of Sachin Tendulkar

How do you deal with the news that your father has died? Well, if you are Sachin, then you can definitely hit a century. Sachin played well against Zimbabwe in the 1999 World Cup, despite the fact that he had just lost his father. He also demonstrated his abilities by striking a century and then turning to thank his father.

Sachin Tendulkar century after father death

3. When India was eliminated from the 2007 World Cup

The 2007 World Cup campaign was a disaster. It was definitely the most forgettable season for all Indian fans led by the ever-capable Rahul Dravid and with a squad full of veterans. Not only did India lose to Bangladesh, but it also cost some people their careers.

India 2007 World Cup

4. The six sixers of Yuvraj Singh

If there is such a title as India’s favourite cricketer, Yuvraj Singh is likely to be the winner. The entire nation was on its feet after a disagreement with Andrew Flintoff, then he went into Stuart Broad, and it was a thrill ride for the billion hearts.

yuvraj singh 6 sixes

5. The wicket of Sachin Tendulkar in the 2003 World Cup Final

In the 2003 World Cup, India under Saurav Ganguly was a breakthrough. After losing their opening match against the strong Australian team, they enjoyed a fantastic run. Unfortunately, they reappeared in the final to haunt us once again. Sachin fell on a single-digit score while chasing a gigantic target, and it goes without saying that we lost.

Sachin’s wicket at the 2003 World Cup Final

6. When Dada lauds India’s win at The Lords by waving his jersey

It was also the 2002 Natwest Final, and Andrew Flintoff was involved. With their exceptional efforts, the two youngsters, Yuvraj Singh and Md. Kaif led the squad to victory, and Sourav Dada took revenge for some of the prior defeats. The moment he removed his jersey on the Lord’s balcony will be remembered for a long time as one of the most emotional winning moments for India.

Sourav Ganguly waving his Jersey at The Lords

7. When India won the inaugural World T20 Cup in 2007

We were called minnows since we had no previous T20 experience. What MSD & Co. accomplished after that is a legend in the making. The world witnessed MSD’s brilliance and Rohit Sharma’s abilities. Nearly all Indian fans skipped their heartbeats in the finals.

2007 t20 world cup India

8. Farewell speech by Sachin

When the God of Cricket retires, it will be a walk down memory lane for both players and spectators. When Sachin delivered his goodbye address, the whole country cried, and there was no one to console them.

Farewell speech by Sachin

9. When in 2011, India won the World Cup

2011 was a historic year for India, as they won the World Cup trophy for the first time in 29 years. The entire country came out to celebrate, and the night is still imprinted in the minds of every Indian cricket fan. Yuvraj Singh performed strongly once more, and the final wouldn’t have been possible without the support of a tenacious Gautam Gambhir. Finally, Dhoni’s six acted as the last touch on the cake. Sangakarra’s expression tells it all!

2011 world cup final

10. When India won the world cup in 1983 for the first time

In 1983, India won the prestigious world cup for the first time, and Kapil Dev led a squad of 11 players who were barely regarded as a danger until they returned home with the trophy! The Indian squad was seen as underprepared, and although reaching the finals, the match against the powerhouse West Indies appeared to be one-sided. The fact that for the first time, India won the World Cup is shocking for everyone but an emotional moment for Indians.

1983 world cup final

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