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5 Embarrassing Off-Field Moments Which Cricketers Faced

All of us do face embarrassing moments in our life then and now. Also, what’s the harm in having some good laugh when we look back in the past days anyway? Just like us, cricketers also do face some very embarrassing moments, and obviously, that must’ve been a roller-coaster of emotions at the point in time.

Let’s look at some of those embarrassing moments:

1. Flirty Chris Gayle with the interviewer

During the Big Bash match back in 2015-2016, Chris Gayle was interviewed by Mel McLaughlin. Chris thought to be a bit flirty and “friendly” with her. Which allegedly led him into getting to give a fine of A$10,000. The whole fiasco happened because during the interview he said to the interviewer, “To see your eyes for the first time is nice. Hopefully, we can have a drink afterward. Don’t blush baby.”

chris gayle, awkaward moment with interviewer (1)

2. Yuzvendra Chahal being desperate for numbers?

Twitter was very new back then, Chahal just prolly wanted to make some “friends” on Twitter. So he legit publicly posted to get their numbers. Now that we look back into it, these are probably the cringiest tweets ever, but as per our personal history records, we would’ve done the same thing anyway.

yuzvendra chahl, embarrassing tweets (1)

3. Hardik Pandya discussing losing this virginity while being on air

During the Koffee with Karan show, Hardik talked about his s#x life and stuff related to that. Where he allegedly told that he informed his parents after he have had it with some girl. “Aaj karke aya” was the tagline for him informing his parents.

This ended up with him getting a suspension by the BCCI and they didn’t get to go on tour of Australia in 2019.

hardik pandya koffee with karan

4. Aditya Tare messing with SRK

In 2012 SRK faced a ban from the Wankhede Stadium because of this behavior towards the Mumbai Indians team. Everything simmered down until Aditya wanted to personally mess with him and add on to the already heated-up situation.

He publicly tweeted that SRK was drunk though it was not verified. Meanwhile, this tweet ended up getting a ban from cricket for a while and he faced consequences.

aditya tare, srk bashing

5. Yuzvendra Chahal and him not being good with social media

Yet again Yuzvendra is a part of this list. He tried to make another “friend” online, by replying to her story (could’ve done better, this is the age-old way of starting a conversation). Though we can’t blame him, since he might be a dinosaur on social media.

When the model called him out, he reported that he did not reply to her story. But his friend did and also asked her how was she doing. Well, at least he didn’t use the “it was a dare” line, (or maybe he’s just unaware of that line, who know?)

Yuzvendra Chahal inbox girl on Instagram

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