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When Sourav Ganguly Got Angry At Dinesh Karthik, ‘Kaun Hai Re Ye Pagal’

In the Ganguly heyday of Indian cricket, prior to the advent of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik was one of the numerous wicket-keepers that India tested off. Furthermore, despite being in and out of the Indian team and getting few appearances, he has excelled both with the bat and even behind the wickets.

Karthik began to create the coaches’ selection after a streak of hundreds for the Tamil Nadu Under-19 team in the 2002/03 season. Karthik had advanced through the tiers in age-group games. Runs began to wane toward the conclusion of the campaign, but the selection committee chose to give him the benefit of doubt, and he was called up to the national team after Parthiv Patel was dropped because of his shaky glove work.

Sourav Ganguly Dinesh Karthik

After being released from the national team three years prior, Karthik dominated the IPL 2022, scoring 330 runners at a scoring rate of 183 while swinging the bat for Royal Challengers Bangalore. This performance earned him a recollection for the South Africa sequence, where he performed the single-game thump of 55 off 27 balls — also his first T20I fifty, 16 years upon making his first start — in a match that had to be won, effectively securing his spot for the T20 World Cup in Australia

On the presenter Gaurav Kapur’s program, Breakfast with Champions, Karthik spoke about a comical event in which, as a teenager, he enraged the then-captain Sourav Ganguly when in an India-Pakistan 2004 Champions Trophy match.

breakfast with champions dinesh karthik

Karthik wasn’t participating in that Pakistan match; he had only earned his ODI debut against England a few days in advance. Karthik ran toward the Indian team to provide beverages to the defending Indian side but was unable to stop owing to the turf, thus he collided head-on with Ganguly!

Ganguly yelled because he was so furious about it,

“Where do you get these players from, who is he?”

Yuvraj Singh, who participated in the match and the discussion, remembered exactly what Ganguly yelled out:

“Kaun hai re ye pagal ! kahan se pakad ke Latien hai”

Watch the video below in which Dinesh karthik recalled the incident

Surely the whole situation was later taken as a joke and made fun around about. Given the fact that Ganguly missed no second to remark and Singh was the one to keep it on my mind to bring that up even in a tweet that was completely for entertainment purpose only.

Dinesh Karthik has already been picked to the Indian team, which will be captained by Hardik Pandya, for the upcoming two T20I visit of Ireland. Rishabh Pant could be for the Test team in England, thus Karthik is the official wicket-keeper for the Ireland fixtures.

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