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5 Cricketers Who Are Capable To Replace Ajinkya Rahane

India is in dire need of a new, youth talent at this moment. If we use the reference to the previous matches India played, we are vividly well-known for the same. Though India never had to worry about bowling, the main point of concern right now is batting. Indias’ best two batsmen have been playing a very sloppy and not very profitable match for the team, with us as the audience being very well aware of this.

Down the list, we have mentioned the name of few cricketers who might replace Ajinkya Rahana:

1. Suryakumar Yadav

While being an integral and beloved part of Mumbai Indians he is one of the rising stars of this generation. Though his aggression is what makes him stand out, his strokes are the second-best thing about him.

Despite having much experience in the international format of cricket, Yadav is one of the best catch. It is expected for him to have some exposure to international cricket and if that makes him suitable for the same, who knows he might be the next Suryakumar Yadav?

suryakumar yadav mumbai indians (1)

2. KL Rahul

Stuff changed almost immediately for Rahul after his appendix surgery. He started hitting straight scores ever since that. He is believed to be one of the promising cricketers, especially batters at the movement. By scoring a brilliant 84 runs just in the first innings.

Though it is expected by the middle-order batsman to open a test match, since Gill was absent, Rahul did the honors and ended up scoring brilliantly.

kl rahul mumbai indians match opener

3. Shubhman Gill

Eye candy for many, a brilliant batter for many, Shubhman has it all covered. Being fairly new to his whole arcana, he is rational, practical, and very patient about his decisions. That’s what helps him the most during very heated-up situations. For domestic cricket, he was a part of the KKR and that’s where his career flourished in a whole different root.

With patience, amazing batting skills, decision making compatibility, Gill holds the full capacity to make his way along the good line for his career enforcement.

shubhman gill indian cricketer kkr (1)

4. Shreyas Iyer

Iyer is a very trusted player. With good decision-making skill which is actually an excellent qualification to hold since in cricket keeping your calm is really important. His arcana shots are extra points for him to be in the team. The only thing that makes things a kid skeptical is the fact that he has never played a test match before.

Thus, him not having any exposure, experience anything at all, creates a barrier for him to get directly selected. Maybe by the due course of time, a good decision about him is gonna be made.

shreyas iyer delhi capitals

5. Hardik Pandya

A fairly new dad, fitness freak, and one of the most humble cricketers are Hardik. This chance to slide into the team is higher than all of the names mentioned since him having the most experience and being of the promising cricketers as well.

The only downfall is, he isn’t much of a slow batsman, he is more of an aggressive cricketer. Which actually makes him not-so-good for the role, but performance is the only thing that matters, right?

hardik pandya mumbai indians

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