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5 Cricketers Who Are Capable To Replace Cheteshwar Pujara

Cheteshwar Pujara is an Indian cricketer who represents India during international matches. For domestic matches, he represents Saurashtra.

He is indeed an excellent cricketer, but of course, there must be cricketers from the new age who’d be able to take his place once he retires.

Down is the list of five assumed cricketers who might replace Cheteshwar Pujara:

1. Shubhman Gill

Shubhamn Gill is one of the rising stars. His amazing performance during domestic and international matches never failed to amaze people. But recently he did go through some backlogs during this performance with might demote him.

But Gill is called to be a very technical batsman, also he deals short balls very easily. The one fact which makes him different is that the amount of patience he holds. He is never impulsive nor is in any rush, a perfect example of tail batting skill.

Thus Gill can easily come in the 3rd or 4th position during lineups the next debut.

Shubhman Gill Indian Cricketer

2. KL Rahul

Taking a break for his appendix surgery probably acted as a boost to his career or something. He went for the opening section during this test match. As Mayank was injured, Rahul took over the opening lineup. And ended up with a score of 84 in the first innings itself.

Usually, in a test match, the middle-order batsman is made to open the match. But since Gill was absent, did he honors. When Gill returns, Rahul might be shifted to the 3rd or 4th lineup list.

This might end up him being a substitute for Pujara since he isn’t being a good sport these days.

KL Rahul Test Match Opener

3. Suryakumar Yadav

Mostly known for his strokes and extraordinary long shots. Suryakumar has become a rising sensation these days. For domestic cricket, he plays for Mumbai Indians.

He did not get much exposure when it comes to international matches yet. But he seems to be perfect in order to replace Pujara. Though he is yet to have experience, it is said he already has adapted pretty well to the environment and the way of gaming skills already.

Surakumar Yadav Mumbai Indians

4. Shreyas Iyer

Though Iyer did not get much chance to prove himself during the long games, he did not fail to embrace his skills during the short games. He is yet another technical player, with less amount of impulsive skills. Being the one with a lot of patience and energy he might probably be the best replacement for Pujara during the games.

But he doesn’t have any experience in the test match games, which makes it a bit skeptical for him to get into. Though if he can give some good results that might be when his fate plays the card. When it comes to average he has around 52.18 in first-class cricket and a decent 44.67 in the list A cricket.

Shreyas Iyer Indian Cricketer (1)

5. Hanuma Vihari

Being a far exceptional player, he did not get the number of chances he is expected to get. His position is at the 7th when it comes to the lineups. He can easily carry on some good tail batting with his amazing stokes coming out with some number of runs.

During a match against Australia, his performance was really something that came ut as a surprise and was definitely not expected while he was in a duo with Ashwin during that match.

Hanuma Vihari Indian Cricketer (1)

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