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5 Most Selfless Acts In The History Of Cricket

Cricket is a sport where two teams compete against each other to win, yes. But there are times when the player from the opposing team stopped playing just to give an opportunity to the other team to play well. There were times when cricketers gave in their prize or title to some other player just cause.

It’s more than just a sport.  There are moments that bring outraging hatred against players, there are moments that make us all go “aww!”

Here are 5 top moments which showed how generous and kind a cricketer can be, even during his match-

1. Man of the match; Virat Or Gautam?

This match was in Eden Gardens, 2009. Where Gautam and Kohli both played and they won the match. Back then Virat scored his first-ever century.

Gambhir was awarded the man of the match and him being the selfless person he is, he passed on the prize to Virat since it was indeed a big day for Virat.

They partnered up during the match and ended up with a score of 224, which helped India win the match.

Gautam Gambhir giving away his Man of the Match trophy to Virat Kohli

2. Hadlee restraining himself from a 10 wicket haul

Richard is known for being very selfless during the Brisbane Test. Where he himself denied the 10th wicket. If he would have taken the 10th wicket he would’ve been listed as the second player to take all 10 wickets in an inning.

But he decided to sacrifice that for his teammate, who took the 9th wicket before Haldlee cleaned the last batsman. The catch he made was called the “Catch of the century” not because of the technique but because of his kindness and selflessness.

Richard Hadlee not pushing for a 10 wicket haul

3. Srinath keeps Wasim for Kumble

Anil Kumble had Wasim Akram caught at short leg which made him the first Indian to reach this milestone. Anil Kumble still thanks Javgal Srinath for his selfless act.

14 years after Hadlee’s selfless show, Indian spinner Anil Kumble had taken 9 wickets against Pakistan at Ferohshah Kotla, New Delhi. It was Anil bowling from one end and the great Javgal Srinath from the other. Srinath completed his run-up with no intent to take any wicket as Waqar tried to give away his wicket and let Kumble wait for this once-in-a-lifetime record.

However, Srinath kept bowling, well outside off stump, and refused Waqar any chance. In the 61st over.

Javgal Srinath keeps Wasim for Kumble

4. Uthappa’s brotherly act towards Rohit Sharma

Uthappa acted exactly like a big brother to Rohit during this match. It happened against Sri Lanka back in 2014. Both of the players needed to prove their mettle in order to remain a part of the teams.

Thappa literally let Rohit play the rest of the match, just so he can prove his performance capability. And he scored 91 runs in just 43 balls.

Uthappa’s contribution to Rohit’s 264

5. Gilchrist’s iconic walk off during World Cup final

Adam Gilchrist is one of the best wicketkeeper-batsmen when it comes to international matches. During the World Cup semi-final, Australia was playing against Sri Lanka. During the game he showed selflessness towards his opponent.

After scoring 34-0 in 5 overs, Gilchrist tried to sweet Aravinda managed only an edge, but the umpire did not notice that. The Sri Lankans stood surprised and disappointed just before Adam Gilchrist decided to walk off. The entire cricket fraternity was surprised to see such respect for the game. Gilchrist is always remembered for his ethics and this act carved his name on the moral wall of cricket.

Gilchrist walks off during the World Cup semi-finals against Sri Lanka

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