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13 Spectator Moments In Cricket That Went Viral And Broke The Internet

Cricket has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings, notably in India, and has now grown into a major sector. There were several variables that contributed to the extraordinary expansion of the game of cricket.

But one of the most iconic moments which accelerated the growth of cricket was the 1983 world cup in which India won its first world cup and for the first time in Indian sports history, any game got so much attention. Another instance is when IPL started which exponentially boosts only the popularity of cricket but also the money in the game.

Cricket has become a rich industry and a blockbuster sensation because of the introduction of television broadcasts, sponsors, franchises, advertisements, and other factors. However, there is one continuous component that has contributed silently to Cricket’s phenomenal development throughout the years, and that is the ever-passionate spectator.

While watching the match on television is more convenient for everyone but when you’re actually watching a live match while sitting in a stadium, the thrill is amplified. Imagine a vast field with lights, tens of thousands of fans, and cricketers playing in the same stadium where you are sitting with your popcorn and placards while cheering for your favourite player and team.

It’s normal for many spectators to do this. But what is abnormal is when you caught someone or any camera’s attention. Nobody knows what could happen on the field or among the fans while the game is in progress. It felt like a most memorable moment for any fan.

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 most memorable Spectator moments from the cricket match. So, let’s go through with this:

1. The viral angry Pakistani fan we still can’t forget

The disappointed Pakistan cricket fan is one of the most iconic memes of the twenty-first century. Muhammad Sarim Akhtar became an online phenomenon after his team’s loss in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match between Pakistan and Australia. Sarim’s expression is the ubiquitous look of someone who is down on their luck.

2. Another angry Pakistani fan who can’t digest his team’s loss

Momin Saqib, another Pakistan cricket fan, went viral after his outburst following the team’s loss in a World Cup 2019 match between India and Pakistan. When Momin, a British-Pakistani influencer, slammed the Pakistani squad, he went viral. He criticised the team’s lack of fitness for the loss, even joking that they were consuming “burger-pizza” the night before the game. His dialogue became a sensation, which said,

“Ekdum se waqt badal diya, jazbbat badal diye.”

3. The gutkha guy from Kanpur match

During the India-New Zealand Test match, a video of a man who was eating “gutkha” while talking on his phone went viral, with netizens responding with humorous responses. The man is seen having a good time while lying on his chair, casually chewing on something without any tension. This is the type of mindset that we all want to have.

4. A brief story about Jarvis and the pitch invasion

During the India-England Test, a guy dressed in an Indian shirt stepped onto the field and calmly lined up with the players. Jarvis 69, a YouTuber, donned a shirt with the same name and tried to persuade the security guards who escorted him out by pointing to the BCCI sign on his jersey. This incident sparked a flurry of amusing memes on the internet.

5. The Man who caught an international cricketer’s ball without spilling a drop of his drink

After catching a ball hit by Ashton Turner during a Big Bash League game in January, the Australian guy became an internet sensation. Furthermore, the man did not spill a single drop of beer from the glass in his other hand.

6. The man who collapsed but refused to lose hold of the ball

We should all learn a thing or two from this man in The Hundreds, who collected one of Liam Livingstone’s sixes and toppled over the first row while hanging on to the ball. He was greeted with thunderous acclaim after a magnificent grab by saying,

“Jaan ki baazi lagakar.”

7. The Zaheer I <3 You story

During a 2005 Test match between India and Pakistan, a woman carrying a banner reading “Zaheer I Love You” had a happy day as her feelings for former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan was returned. The camera zoomed in on Zaheer Khan and Yuvraj Singh in the dressing area as her image flashed over the big screen. Yuvraj pushed Zaheer to return the woman’s flying kiss.

8. A balancing feat involving a stack of beverages and a sleeping audience member

The spectators were enjoying the time of their life during Essex’s T20 match against Hampshire in 2018. Other onlookers put beverages and cardboard trays on an unknowing sleeping guy in a viral video, who continues to sleep until the pile reaches the third tier. We’d want to know what this man’s secret is to a restful night’s sleep.

9. When the audience played the ‘follow the leader’ copycat game with Ronnie Irani

The audience copied former England cricketer Ronnie Irani as he stretched, putting any performance to shame. Ronnie shared the experience with the Australian fans during a 2015 One-Day International against England when the crowd behind him began to copy while he stretched to warm up.

10. When the sixer land in a glass filled with beer

A six struck by English batsman Dawid Malan landed in the most unlikely spot during a Big Bash League encounter between the Melbourne Stars and the Hurricanes in January of this year. It landed in a man’s beer glass. He drank from it even after this.

11. When a guy proposed to his girlfriend during the high-voltage match

While India celebrated their World Cup victory against Pakistan, the audience switched from “yayy!” to “aww!” when one Indian fan proposed to his girlfriend during the game. And guess what she agreed!

12. When Prayer Aunty’s prayer made win possible

Purnima Dalal, Mukesh Ambani’s mother-in-law, was the “prayer aunty” who helped Mumbai Indians win the IPL 2017 in their last match against Rising Pune Supergiants. Even when the odds were stacked against MI, it prevailed. And trust me when I say it was all due to her.

13. When a couple kissed in the stands and it was shown on big screens

A pair were photographed kissing in the stands during a match between the Gujarat Titans and the Delhi Capitals, and the photo went viral on social media.

IPL couple kiss

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