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5 Batters Whose Unlucky Run-Outs Will Give You More Enjoyment Than Any Comedy Show

A runout is one of the unluckiest methods of dismissal that batsmen have ever faced in cricket. It’s mainly caused by a miscommunication between the striker and the non-striker, although in exceptional situations, a superb fielding effort can result in a batter being run out.

We’ve seen countless run-outs throughout the years, and while some have been great, others have been just hilarious. Many players who are regarded as one of the most dangerous players in cricket are also the ones who are involved in odd run-outs.

We’ll look at some of the strangest incidents on a cricket pitch that resulted in a batsman getting run out here:

1. Andre Rusell

The West Indies all-rounder was engaged in arguably the most bizarre run-out in the game’s history, according to many. Russell was playing in the Bangladesh Premier League for the Minister Group Dhaka versus the Khulna Tigers.
Russell played the ball on the off-side in the 15th over of the innings and called his partner Mahmudullah for a single. The ball was thrown towards the striker’s end by Mahedi Hasan, who was positioned at short third man, but Mahmudullah was safe.

Russell was dismissed after the ball bounced off the stumps at the keeper’s end and struck the opposite set of stumps at the non-striker’s end. The on-field umpire, like the rest of the team, was perplexed by the change of events and referred the judgement to the TV umpire, who found Russell short of his crease and called the batsman out.

2. Azhar Ali

It would be dishonest not to include a Pakistani batsman while discussing unusual dismissals. Azhar Ali of Pakistan is on the list. Many times you’ve seen two batsmen stranded at the same end, but have you ever witnessed two guys speaking in the centre of the field and being run out?

Azhar Ali experienced this during a Test match against Australia in 2018. Ali had a heavy outside edge and assumed the ball had struck the boundary cushions, so he began conversing with his partner Asad Shafiq.
The ball, though, had come to a halt just before the boundary rope, and Mitchell Starc was quick to deliver the ball to Tim Paine, who snapped the bails off and dismissed Azhar Ali. After being sent out, Azhar Ali laughed about the whole thing and claimed it will make his kids laugh for years.

3. Adam Zampa

Last year in the United Arab Emirates, Australia leg-spinner Adam Zampa played a key part in helping the Aussies win the T20 World Cup for the first time. Zampa, on the other hand, was involved in one of the oddest run-outs ever captured on camera, and it’s an experience he doesn’t want to repeat.

Dwayne Bravo hammered a full throw right down the ground, the ball hitting the non-bat strikers and landing on Zampa’s nose before hitting the stumps. The bowler ended up with a bloody nose, and Peter Nevill had a long walk back to the pavilion.

4. Inzamam-ul-Haq

Former Pakistan captain was a great run-scorer for his nation, and his batting skill was well-known around the cricketing world. However, as brilliant as he was as a hitter, his sprinting between the wickets was frequently amusing, to say the least.

When he defended a ball straight back to Steve Harmison, the ex-Pakistan captain was batting on 109. In his follow-through, the England bowler fielded the ball and threw the stumps down at the striker’s end. Inzamam’s momentum after hitting the defensive shot had carried him out of the crease, and he was given out after consulting with the TV umpires.

5. Alastair Cook

The former England captain was infamous for putting a price on his wicket, and he was a tough nut to break once he had his eye in. During his long career, Cook was rarely involved in run-out situations. When he batted against India in Kolkata in 2012, however, such was not the case.

Virat Kohli, anticipating a run-out opportunity, tossed the ball at the non-end striker’s when Kevin Pietersen flicked a Zaheer Khan delivery straight to him at short square leg. Cook was beyond his crease and tried evasive measures to avoid being caught in the line of the throw, but the ball smashed into the stumps and Cook missed his double tonne by ten runs.

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